About Me

My name is Kuyler (rhymes with Tyler) and I make things on the Internet. On May 10, 2014, I graduated from Marshall University with a BFA in photography. I also studied art history, new media, and political science. Although I have extensive backgrounds in both photography and web building, I have knowledge in design, writing, and multimedia creation of many other types. This website is a record of my presence online as well as some kind of resume and portfolio. For more information, please reference my CV.


Web Builder

wrenchI was born into an Internet generation; my experience as a web builder dates back to my early childhood. Since 2005, I have built and maintained websites based in systems as varied as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, as well as sites built completely from scratch. I also have extensive experience in instructional design and e-Learning in Blackboard Learn, WebCT and Moodle.



Pen IconI began keeping a blog in 2005 and have written written on subjects from technological innovations to international political economy. One of the founders and primary editors of the multimedia consortium, Meanwhile in West Virginia, my abilities as a writer and blogger have been honed both online and in the classroom. I am currently working on multiple projects linked to this site. Recently I wrote my first screenplay, “Preservation”, which I shot over the Spring of 2014. I am actively writing my second screenplay, along with several nonfiction pieces.



cameraI am fascinated by images. Working primarily as a photographer, my image fascination has lead to an obsession with crafting photographs that function narratively to evoke memories and emotions. Professionally, I have captured weddings, senior portraits, and events since I was 16 years old. My work has been featured in physical and online galleries. Samples can be found on this site along with information about contracting my services. I have also shot several videos, as well as a short film called “Preservation”.